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The Limited Edition SATA 4000 Heart and Soul Spray Gun

Unique and strictly limited: The spray gun SATAjet 4000 Heart & Soul in trendy fantasy tattoo optics created by the US airbrush artist Leah Gall comes in a wild, emotional and cool design. Its exclusive design sparkles with creativity making this spray gun quite unique.


Satajet 4000 B RP / HVLP Heart and Soul Limited Edition


Premium spray gun SATAjet 4000 B with unique fantasy tattoo design. Available as standard and DIGITAL® version in HVLP and RP technology – Strictly limited special version

View the SATAjet 4000 B HVLP Spray Gun




The new DeVilbiss SLG-610 "Starting Line" Spray gun 1.3mm. Compliant SOLVENT GUN.

This new model is a budget priced spray gun with conventional atomisation targeted at small jobbing car refinish painters where low output portable compressors are frequently in use.


DeVilbiss SLG 610 Gravity Spray Gun


Spray Gun Features

* Suitable for most automotive refinish general single layer materials
* lightweight but strong, plated, cast aluminium spray gun body construction
* Comfort ergonomical handle
* Smooth trigger action for ease of operator control when feathering or bleeding
* Easy to adjust air inlet pressure, spray pattern shape (full fan to round) and fluid controls
* The air cap only consumes 136 L/min (4.8 cfm) so a small portable 1hp / 5 cfm air compressor is sufficient to operate the spraygun
* SLG-610 sprayguns are supplied as ready to use "Refinisher Kits" complete with a 550ml cup, filter, cleaning brush & universal spanner
* RRP £49.99 / SpraygunsDirect Price £59.99 + VAT


View the DeVilbiss SLG 610 Spray Gun


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